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Come hear how Edward Faine and Kristina Celich made this unique board book.

The multi-media presentation features over 70 colorful slides of the Bebop Babies and their mentors.

Bebop Jazz tracks will be played (See Play List below) and Bebop Jazz era folklore will be discussed.

Event Play List
Dizzy Atmosphere Dizzy Gillespie Sextet (02/16/44)
Gillespie/Parker debut with swing rhythm section
Koko Charlie Parker Quintet (11/26/45)
Parker's debut as leader - seminal jazz record
Things to Come Dizzy Gillespie Big Band (07/09/46)
First studio recording of Diz's second big band, Gil Fuller arranger
Scrapple from the Apple Charlie Parker Quintet (11/04/47)
Classic Parker Quintet with Miles Davis
Confirmation Kenny Clarke Quintet (03/02/48)
Clarke's debut as leader, recorded in Paris
Ruby My Dear Thelonius Monk Trio (10/28/47)
Monk's debut as leader on Blue Note
In Walked Bud Thelonius Monk Quintet (11/21/47)
Monk tribute to Powell with Art Blakey on drums
Indiana Bud Powell Trio (01/10/47)
Powell's debut as leader
It's the Talk of the Town Howard McGee Sextet (02/21/48)
Milt Jackson on Vibes
Jay Bird J.J. Johnson Quintet (06/26/46)
Jay Jay's debut as leader
Lover Man Sarah Vaughan with Quintet (05/11/45)
Sarah with Diz and Charlie Parker
Could See Me Now Sarah Vaughan (05/09/46)
Sarah's debut with strings, arranged and written by Tadd Dameron
The Chase Dexter Gordon Quintet (06/12/47)
One of the best-selling records of the bebop era, with Wardell Gray
The Squirrel Tadd Dameron Sextet (09/26/47)
Dameron's debut as leader
Solo Flight Charlie Christian Sextet (12/21/41)
Charlie's biggest hit released 2 years after his death, with B. Goodman
Audio Track Billy Taylor, Dizzy Gillespie, and Cecil Payne  
Discussion of synching Chano Pozo's conga drum to jazz rhythm
Audio Track Billy Taylor, Dizzy Gillespie, and Mario Bauza  
Discussion of how Chano Pozo "composed" Manteca
Manteca Dizzy Gillespie Orchestra (12/30/47)
Well-known tune with Chano Pozo on conga drums
For More Information contact Mr. Faine at or 301-587-1202
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