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Mr. Faine has contributed to thirteen books, two as contributor, one as editor, and ten as author, eight of which are children's books. (See Edward Allan Faine's other children's books on this site.)
All of this is pretty amazing when you consider that Mr. Faine couldn't write a lick before age fifty. His first technical article was published at age fifty-one; first story at age fifty-seven; and first book at age sixty-two. As for his authored books, you guessed it, he published them himself under his imprint IM Press (who else would?).
Mr. Faine is also known as the How-To Cowboy, because of his book of the same name with 22 secret, magic How-To fun tricks, and because if given the chance, he'll show kids how to play hand trumpet, whistle through their tongues, talk like Donald Duck and a whole array of merry tricks. So, if you need to jack up your party, Cub Scout meeting, school assembly, or whatever, please contact Mr. Faine and he'll make certain the How-To Cowboy arrives at your meeting place or homestead on time and in good spirits. And while you are at it, be sure to ask Mr. Faine for his children's event list. He has a different event for each of eight children's books.
Bebop Babies Banner & About Kristina Leahy Celich
Kristina began her career as an illustrator for Bernard Hodes Advertising in Santa Ana, California. Returning to Washington, D.C. she worked as a top graphics designer for ABC-TV News. During her ten years with the ABC-TV News graphics department her skills included traditional airbrush illustration and computer generated graphics for Good Morning America and World News Tonight. Kristina's television designs have won several prestigious awards including: The Telly Award, Writer's Guild of America Award, 6th Annual Broadcast Designer's Association Award, Desi Award, Art Direction Magazine and Creativity Award.
Kristina's illustrations have appeared in several publications including The Washington Post and The Washingtonian Magazine. Her children's illustations have appeared on wrapping paper for the National Wildlife Federation and also Ranger Rick Magazine. She has also done illustration for promotional mailings, cards and stationary. Several of Kristina's illustrations were selected and appeared in the 9th, 10th and 11th Annual Exhibition of the Illustrators' Club of Washington, Maryland, and Virginia.
Currently, Kristina's television designs can be seen on the PBS program The Newshour With Jim Lehrer and the nationally syndicated NBC 4-TV sports show The George Michael Sports Machine. For these programs she creates computer generated art for full screen and editing purposes.
Before illustrating Bebop Babies, Kristina illustrated a book on child development for the National HeadStart office in Washington, D.C. See Kristina's work at www.kcelich.com.
Reviews of Bebop Babies Banner
My two-year-old son and I are HUGE fans of your book, Bebop Babies. It has been a great book for a musically inclined toddler to learn the instruments, and he loves and has loved the book for the past 1 1/2 years. He is getting a drum set for Xmas and lots of music again. We have about all the things that are age approximate, whistles, horns, drums of all shapes, rhythm sticks, etc., including a keyboard, he uses a ukulele for an "acoustic guitar" and his toy guitar as a "bass." Too cute. He will be famous someday.
                                                             Mom of Musical Toddler, 2005
Bebop Babies is designed to introduce children to some of the archetypal artists of the bebop era and the accoutrements and terms associated with the music. The format of the book makes it stand out. It is about five inches square - the size of a CD jacket - and a half-inch thick. The illustrations are in full color and your youngster becomes pleasantly absorbed during the reading, and drools with excitement on the pages during this initiation into bebop, not to worry. The colorful pages are film laminated and can be wiped clean with a wet cloth or sponge. The terms beard, beret, sunglasses (with an illustration of a little girl saying "Dig My Shades") are addressed in the first three pages. Each of the pages that follow is devoted to a different instrument (alto saxophone, features a small child playing the horn, with words "Bird Lives" and "Ko-Ko" in the margin - with "Ko-Ko" of course being the composition Charlie Parker wrote over the chord changes to "Cherokee."). The book is designed as a way to introduce your child to the world of music and musical instruments - and does so in an interesting way. Young children will probably be fascinated with the interesting and colorful thematic illustrations of children their own age playing these various instruments. Reading the text while turning the pages with your youngster will help bring the subjects to life.
                                         Clive Griffin, Jazz Improv Magazine, 2006
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